Dear Beloved Dancers and Teachers,


Here is my informal and heartfelt note to you.


I know how beautiful dance is and I understand how much you love it. I also understand that sometimes it shows us the "shadow side" of life and of ourselves. I know what its like to be held hostage by the demands of dance, judgment, competition, and studio life.  I know what it is like to feel inadequate, afraid and not good enough. I know success and I know failure. I know heartache, pain, betrayal...and I know you do too. 


What I know for sure, is that dance has been my healer. It's been my guide, and in times of deep transformative pain, it has been the tool that helped me to move through the aches, the confusion, and depression...providing me space to truly FEEL IT ALL.  Dance gave me permission to feel, to BE, to experience and to LET GO. It moved me, literally, and my Soul could weep. And after the tears came peace. 


Dance also has opened opportunities that I have never imagined possible, introducing me to people from all over the world.


My passion and purpose in life now is to help others navigate their own hearts calling. I want others to feel LOVED, WORTHY, CAPABLE and O.K.  I want others to feel FREE to live the life that they want, to find their own Passion and Purpose and to spark that same worthiness and acceptance in others. I think we need it. We all need it. We need LOVE and permission to feel LOVED. We need guidance and support and a listening ear. We need authentic relationships, more pockets of peace, more empathy.


And I think the dance world especially needs this. We show up with so much LOVE and VULNERABILITY that we need a safe, supportive and united community.  


I have been a dancer, choreographer, studio owner, and dance mom. Dance has been this constant thread in my life that has been woven into the cloth of who I am. And this same thread runs through you too, and together, we are connected. We are connected through this one single thread; this language that has no words, no rules, no shape, no form- but it's binding through love, through self-expression, through Spirit.


I am passionate about dance, but more importantly, I am passionate about people. I want every dancer to feel the power of dance and to cultivate such a relationship with it, that it allows you to listen to the whispers of the Universe. It opens you to the magic that is waiting to dance and move in this physical space with you. And it all lies within you. The real dance is within YOU. And I want everyone to feel moments of sheer bliss...abundance..happiness....freedom, and LOVE.


My intention, for all that I am doing in the world now, is to provide pockets of peace and possibility for others. Moments to feel truly ALIVE.....and all through movement.



       All my love and blessings to you,




​​Julie Nguyen

Tel: 303.204.9763


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