3 Things Every Successful Dance Studio Owner Must Know.

Dance is the Language of the Soul, which means our dance studio must be able to appropriately create a space for vulnerability, trust, creativity, innovation, and LOVE. If you have read the previous blog on the importance of finding your WHY, then think of this blog post as an opportunity to expand upon the inner work that you have done and to dive a little deeper into what is truly needed as you continue to create the studio of your dreams and a life full of passion and purpose.

The most sustainable, innovative and successful dance programs are those driven by a strong cause and belief. We as dance teachers are always saying that we teach more than just dance, and our students are learning more than just steps; they are gaining life tools. We all dream of living a life full of passion, purpose and prosperity. We want that purpose to be bigger than ourselves because we know that what we are really doing in the studio is bigger than we can even imagine. We also want our financial gains to energetically match the love and daily acts of service that we offer.

Let us deepen this knowing and create a stronger foundation from which we dance and create from.

Every successful dance studio owner must know the following three things:

1. Your Purpose

2. Your Vision

3. Your Core Values

The most successful organizations operate from the following three principles which is your How, What and Why. The "What' is what you do, the "How" is how you do it and the "Why" is why you do it ( your real PURPOSE).

In the previous blog post, we walked through the importance of "Why" and how to find it. Now let's take a look at the two other aspects that are key in creating a sustainable and heart-centered dance studio while allowing true vision, success, and sustainability to arise.

1. Define your Purpose:

The demands of studio life can at times feel like a turbulent rollercoaster that is simultaneously exhilarating and exhausting. The long dance season can carry us so deep into the never-ending "to do's" that we forget what and why we are doing it all for.

Defining your purpose allows you to anchor into your days with much more clarity and intention. When you intentionally choose to live from the root of your heart and purpose, you are not only creating more love, acceptance, creativity, and joy for yourself, but for the entire infrastructure of the studio in which you are responsible for nurturing and evolving.

2. Create your Vision:

Before you opened your studio, there was a moment when you could see into the future. You could see your beautiful space, you imagined your students, you painted the picture of the future, and became excited about all of the possibilities that awaited you. As you step into the Vision, it is important to continuously check in to see if any adjustments need to be made. You are constantly expanding upon the vision that you have for yourself personally and professionally. Creating your vision allows you to create within the space of infinite possibility, providing a springboard for future goals and action steps to be created.

3. Define your Core Values:

Core Values are the guiding principles that dictate human behavior and action. They act as a guideline for decision and policy-making within the studio. Core Values define the "do's" and "don'ts" of the studio while fostering a leader/leader mentality (more on that later).

By creating your core values, you will be supporting your "Why" while establishing clarity and support from your staff and clients regarding your code of ethics, vision, and mission. Your Core Values will also instill greater teamwork, trust, and community. When the Core Values of the company have been established, a foundation for decision making and codes of conduct from all aspects of your dance community will be in place for everyone to operate from.

Thank you for reading, sharing and evolving with me!

Sending Much Love and Support to you-


Inner Work Play

Define our "WHY"__________________________________________

Creating your Vision:

Write down what is your Vision for the Dance studio?____________________________________________________________

What are your short term and long term goals for the Dance studio?____________________________________________________________

Write three action steps that you can take to achieve your goal?


List your Core Values:

(An example of a Core Value is; Strong work ethic, artistry, respect for others, passion, teamwork, personal accountability, love, support, authenticity...)






Mission Statement:

Once you have created your Core Values, go back and create your Mission Statement. For example: "Passion is the heart of our company. We are continuously increasing our dance knowledge, technical abilities, and personal artistry. We believe in the power of community and see the unique qualities in every dancer. "

By taking the time to establish your WHY, Vision and Core Values, you will be fostering strong and solid growth that benefits and inspires dancers, teachers, and parents.


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