A Letter to Dance Moms

Dear Dance Mom,

I want to take a moment to honor you.

I recognize all that you do to support your dancer(s). I know that you juggle a lot in your life to make sure that you are supporting the dreams of the one(s) you love.

I see your strength.

I see your courage.

I see your heart.

I respect your ability to manage all the personal demands and responsibilities that you have in your life. I understand the amount of effort that it takes to balance dance schedules, work schedules, family schedules and school schedules. I can see how you generously place everyone else's needs before your own staying up late to rhinestone costumes, pack lunches and maybe having time for a glass of wine before passing out on the couch in sheer exhaustion.

I see that you are a wife, a mother and a person with dreams too.

You are more than just "Suzie's Mom." You are a brilliant woman who has a beautiful story and has accomplished so much in life. You are a unique Soul on a unique journey with so much love to give. You have conquered your own personal battles, overcome pain and heartbreak. You are a warrior who gets shit done.

I see your beauty.

I see your compassion.

I see your magic.

I honor you as a woman who only wants the best for their kid and will do anything that you can to support their dreams.

I understand the nerves that come into play right before you watch their solo or group dance. I feel your excitement when your dancer wins and I feel your pain when you have to wipe your child's tears when they feel disappointment. I know that deep down you want to cry too, for their pain is your pain.

I understand when you are in a bad mood. I would be too sometimes if I had to spend my weekends at a dance competition, bracing against the stress that comes with packing your dancer's costumes, making sure you do not forget a costume piece, experiencing the panic that occurs when you DO forget a costume, dance mom drama, stressful dressing rooms, events running early or late, cold ballrooms, long award ceremonies, dark theaters, loud music, last minute rehearsals that you did not plan for, unexpected costs, waiting in your car when rehearsals run late, dance bills...dance bills....dance bills.

But then the time comes, and you get to witness your dancer on that stage, in those lights, radiating love, passion and beauty.

Theres nothing like it, and everything becomes worth it.

That's why you do it.

You do it because for those 2 minutes and 30 seconds, you get to see your child like you have never seen them before. They show you their SOUL, creating a moment in which you witness the real essence of who they are. You see their joy, their fear, their dreams, their humor, their spark.

You see their Greatness.

And you can never put a price tag on moments like that.

I bow in deep gratitude to you Dance Mom, for your love, your compassion and all of the work that you do.

You are a badass,


A Member of the Dance Mom Tribe

There is nothing like the Love from a MOM


​​Julie Nguyen

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