The Importance of Choosing Authenticity over Approval- for Dancers

Updated: Nov 3, 2019

At the core of every human being is the need to be seen, heard, valued and LOVED.

As dancers, we constantly show up with a willingness to be vulnerable, to make daily improvements, to be focused, hardworking, dedicated and driven. Our lives center around dance, with the bulk of our time, friendships and schedule, revolving around this nucleus that supports our entire being.


It is the most magical feeling; the feeling of self-expression.

Dance for most of us is a Spiritual Act whether we know it or not. It is the time when we get to really feel like ourselves.

All of our emotions can play, dancing through space-- heard, seen, felt and valued.

When dancing, we get the opportunity to BE fully present; We get to settle into our bodies, listening to the whispers and gentle nudges of our hearts- open to exploration, and expansion.




Dance provides a community for us. It offers a chance to be in the spotlight, fully celebrating the greatness of who we are....of who YOU ARE.

Dance offers the chance to SEE the brilliance of others, creating an opportunity to connect on such a deeper and more authentic level.

When we move from the purity of our SOUL- it is as if there is no difference between time and space. The body becomes one with all things and the Spirit is granted permission to take form. It is a magic that can only be understood through experience.- julie nguyen

This is the root of all Dance.

Dance engulfs the Spirit of Humanity satisfying the need for movement, self-expression, evolution, connection, and community.

Dance is the expression of the Human Spirit.

As you journey through your world of dance, may you always remember WHY you dance. May you always remember the Magic of YOU!

My wish for you as a dancer is this:

  • Chose to always dance from the core of who you are.

  • Be courageous enough to stand in your own greatness.

  • Find the strength to just BE YOU.

  • Be mindful of when you are comparing yourself to others. Stay in your magic.

  • Remind yourself that you are a beautiful work in progress.

  • Do not listen to what others say you are or ARE NOT.

  • Create your own path.

  • Find the FREEDOM to Dance your own Dance.

  • Focus on your own unique talents.

  • Praise yourself for your accomplishments.

  • When given the choice to take a risk or the opportunity to follow the trend becoming like everyone else to secure a "win" - Chose to take a risk. Chose to be different.

  • Build yourself up. The more you strengthen your internal world, the less the external world can shake you from your truth.

  • Honor other people's gifts. Be brave enough to acknowledge another's talents.

  • Be inspired by all things...... and finally-

  • Always chose authenticity over approval.

As a dancer, you want to be recognized for your hard work. We dance for the applause, but now, the audience has grown and you can be seen on Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube and many other social media outlets.

The tornado of notoriety, recognition, trophies, winnings, master teachers-can carry you into its world, dancing you farther and farther from where you have intended to be. It can pull you so far from our heart's mission, leaving you wondering "How did I get here"?

This quest for approval may lead you towards feelings of being tired, uncreative, stressed, and unsatisfied. You may feel deep within you that dance is "just not fun" anymore.

I have seen many dancers whisked away, caught in the storm of being "instafamous". I see them moving so far from who they are, making choices that hurt their teammates and teachers; enticed by the recognition of a big named convention teacher, intrigued by the potential of what this could do for their "career".

The truth is, you can studio hop, homeschool, travel year-round with your favorite convention, seek to be the one that is filmed for social media, get a million followers and become a brand ambassador...but none of this is worth it IF YOU are dancing for the sake of someone else.

You have to dance for you. Period.

I am telling you, from experience, I have been there. I have been at the top. I have been friends with the same teachers that you are seeking validation from and more than likely, once you go to college or if you chose a different career path, you will no longer hear from those that you are seeking approval from. You won't matter anymore...and that is a tough reality to face.

It breaks my heart when I see dancers not wanting to dance anymore because they have spent their entire "career" just working to get recognized by a certain competition. I see them traveling all year, giving up weekends with family and friends, just to work the system to achieve notoriety or recognition.

Your "fame" in the convention world will be short-lived. If you place your worth in the hands of competition or will be gravely disappointed. Once the dance becomes outside of itself, there is no room for the Spirit.

Remember? You dance to create space for your SOUL to be in the physical plane. It is an expression of your entire being. It is the dance of human spirit.

Your dance can not thrive under the conditions of judgment. Your dance can only be fully alive if it is met with honor, respect, inspiration, and authenticity; none of which can fully be present under the pressures of acceptance and approval.

Your dance must always come from YOU.

It must always satisfy YOUR spirit.

It must always bring YOU joy.

In the world of competition, it is so easy to slip into the need for approval and validation and this is OK! At the core of us, we all yearn to be seen, heard, valued and LOVED.

Just be aware of when it is carrying YOU away from the truth of who you are. Try to always choose Authenticity over Approval.


​​Julie Nguyen

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