Declaration of Purpose (for the Dance Teacher)

Declaration of Purpose

Being a Dance Educator, teaching the beauty and power of movement, is one of the world's greatest professions.

May we never lose sight of the truth of what we do.

We plant seeds for self-love and joy, creating space for Spirit to unfold freely and authentically.

May we always see the power that we hold as leaders and educators. May we breathe life, hope, and opportunity into the studio space, providing a foundation for our students to thrive.

May we always see each student's joy and talent, recognizing that each has come to us for a greater purpose and chooses to receive the love we have to give.

May we always see each student's gifts and potential, always holding space with love and patience while they bloom and discover their OWN gifts and talents.

May we always remember to teach from love. More Spirit, Less Ego, and may we know the difference.

May we come together as a community of teachers, educators, dancers, and artists, creating a strong vision for our students, community, and culture.

May we ALWAYS choose people over trophies.

May we cultivate a more profound love and respect for our teachers and history that has helped shape us. We are a part of a long lineage of movers and educators who have gifted us the tools and wisdom that dance offers, so that we, too, can thrive within the Spirit of Love and Movement.

May we always remember that the best teachers are always students first. We are never a master because we, too, are continually growing and learning.

May we always allow ourselves and our business to expand and evolve.

May we never lose sight of our passion and purpose. May we stay true to who we are and always intentionally align with our own gifts and values.

May all that we do become an offering to others.

May everything we do, be rooted in Love.

Julie Nguyen is a certified Life Coach, Reiki Master, and International Dance Teacher. She is passionate about helping other dance studio owners and teachers live a more abundant Life, inside AND outside of the dance studio space. For one-on- sessions or to stay informed with any upcoming workshops, email,


​​Julie Nguyen

Tel: 303.204.9763


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