My wish for you as a dancer is this...

My wish for you as a dancer is this:

Chose to always dance from the core of who you are.

Be courageous enough to stand in your own greatness.

Find the strength to just BE YOU.

Be mindful of when you are comparing yourself to others. Stay in your magic.

Remind yourself that you are a beautiful work in progress.

Do not listen to what others say you are or are not.

Create your own path.

Find the FREEDOM to Dance your own Dance.

Focus on your own unique talents.

Praise yourself for your accomplishments.

When given the choice to take a risk or the opportunity to follow the trend becoming like everyone else to secure a "win" - Chose to take a risk. Chose to be different.

Build yourself up. The more you strengthen your internal world, the less the external world can shake you from your truth.

Honor other people's gifts. Be brave enough to acknowledge another's talents.

Be inspired by all things...... and finally-

Always chose authenticity over approval.

Your dance can not thrive under the conditions of judgment. Your dance can only be fully alive if it is met with honor, respect, inspiration, and authenticity; none of which can fully be present under the pressures of acceptance and approval.

Your dance must always come from YOU. It must always satisfy

YOUR spirit. It must always bring YOU joy.

In the world of competition, it is so easy to slip into the need for approval and validation and this is OK! At the core of us, we all yearn to be seen, heard, valued and LOVED.

Just be aware of when it is carrying YOU away from the truth of who you are. Try to always choose Authenticity over Approval.


​​Julie Nguyen

Tel: 303.204.9763


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