The Power of a Dance Mom

Dance Moms are the most courageous, strong, and dedicated creatures there are. These beautiful beings show up daily, standing in their badassery, managing work schedules, school schedules, dance schedules, family schedules, homework, laundry, lunches and so much more. Dance Moms can rhinestone a costume like it’s their job, while simultaneously helping their other children with homework, cooking dinner and packing that dream duffel for the upcoming competition.

A Dance Mom is the best cheerleader and is the backbone of the entire dance industry.

Without the love, commitment and determination of the Dance Mom, none of this would be possible.

I honor you. I am you.

So now let's talk about the real power that you have and some ways to graciously assert your gifts in a way that uplifts this dance community and creates a space for your dancer to confidently step into their greatness. Our jobs as mothers is to support and encourage as much as we can, creating opportunities for our child to achieve their goals as a dancer as well as nurturing their heart.

We, as women, do a lot in our days and rarely take time for ourselves. We often find ourselves wearing that superwoman costume making sure everyone else is happy, fed and loved. We are so busy caring for everyone else, we forget to check in with ourselves, making sure that we are happy, fed and loved.

The energy that we give out to others often leaves us feeling drained, impatient and quick to react to situations that normally are not a big deal. We need support, we need time to breathe, we need permission to slow down.

We also want our children to succeed and be happy. We want them to get ahead, be the best, be acknowledged by the convention teacher, win the scholarship or be the “Star” of the dance.

And these wants are okay!!!

Of course, we want the best for our children. We work hard to make this happen, and it would be nice for our efforts to be rewarded too.

Now let us get grounded for a moment to recognize these other "wants" we hold for our dancer. We want our dancer to have a kind heart and generous spirit. We want them to experience beautiful moments while remembering that sometimes, they will dance in disappointment and that this too builds character, determination and a grit that our dancer will indeed need in life to be able to achieve their goals. We want them to be respectful, open-minded, creative, and strong in themselves, confident in who they are. We want them to feel loved, worthy and capable of all great things.

As we manage the dance world and all of the magic that it offers us, I invite us all to settle in to who we are as Dance Moms and how we can fully integrate this experience in a more supportive and grounded way.

Take a moment to connect back into the reason why you signed up your dancer for dance. Allow your imagination to take you back to that first day of class. What feelings did it bring you and in that magical moment, what did you see in your child? At this time of your life, what were your deepest desires for your child?

What do you see when you watch your child dance? Allow that vision to settle into your heart and encourage the love and gratitude to bubble to the surface.

What do you really want for your dancer? How do you want them to be, feel, experience?

Now fast forward to your dance experience today. What areas do you LOVE and what areas offer space for improvement and growth? What do you want from your dance community? More love, support, excitement, trust?

In the areas that need a little nourishment, what can you personally do to offer support and make a positive change.

A few ideas of what you can do to stay grounded

1. Before each event, take time for yourself to BREATHE. Remind yourself of the real reason WHY you do this. Allow yourself to settle into the gifts that you offer, not only to your dancer, but to the entire team/studio/community.

2. Be impeccable with your words. Remember that we as women tend to connect with one another through gossip. It is so easy to complain, rehashing the events of the week that were annoying, or how upset we are with a dance decision that was made. These are easy topics that offer zero solutions and only add negativity to an area that we know needs positivity and support in order for it to thrive.

How can we shift conversations, offering more of a LOVE energy? It will take some work, but try to connect with others besides the way of cheap gossip. It is an easy way to connect with others, but you know better.

Let us offer Soulutions to the grievances of the dance world become advocates for support, respect and an abundance for all.

3. Practice the Pause. Before reacting to any situation, Practice the Pause. Place your hand over your heart, take a few deep breaths and encourage yourself to make all of your decisions from the root of who you are....Love, Compassion and Patience. Allow yourself to be able to say what you mean while also offering a solution and/or space for an open conversation to be had. If you really feel the fury, (which sometimes those long days at the convention and chaos in the dressing room can cause) step away, take a walk and again BREATHE.

4. Create your own support team. When you feel overwhelmed, tired or need to Practice the Pause, you can tag your friend in to hold space for you while you allow the emotions to come up and then dissipate. Surround yourself with those who bring out the best in you.

5. Practice the 2 for 1 Rule. For every negative thought that you have, match it with two things that you are grateful for. This not only brings you inner peace and appreciation, it also allows you to ground into the present moment, fully aware and capable of making heart-centered decisions.

We, as DANCE MOMS, must remember that we have the power to create more LOVE, SUPPORT and BEAUTY in the dance world.

That is our superpower as MOMS.

All my LOVE to my fellow Dance Moms,

Julie Nguyen


​​Julie Nguyen

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