The Power of Authenticity

Updated: Feb 27, 2018

*The intention of this Blog Series: To provide inspiration, support, tips and tools to Dance Studio Owners, Dancers, Dance Moms, and all Lovers of Dance and Movement. It is also for anyone who is on their Spiritual Journey needing whispers of encouragement. The intention is to empower anyone who reads this and is wanting to align deeper to their own Personal Purpose and Possibilities.

*My writing style: My writing will be from the heart. It will be a representation of where I am in my life and of what I am learning, healing, practicing...etc. I LOVE writing in cursive and have a difficult time printing. I love it because I love the freedom, fluidity, artistry and creativity that cursive provides with the stroke of a pen. Since this Blog Series will be published for the internet, I have to type...but will find my own Creative Freedom in that. Some words will be uppercase for no other reason than I like the look of it. There may be run on sentences because that is the flow of my heart and mind in the process. My writing, just like my life, will be an evolution and will grow into it's Greatness with Practice and Patience.

This all is an offering. A personal offering of myself, my heart, my mind, my experiences to you the reader...that through my vulnerability of sharing on such a platform, it will encourage others to follow their heart. Hopefully it will spark within YOU....To try something new. To do it at the risk of being wrong or failing. To do something because of the Joy it brings you. To say YES to creating, doing, exploring....because your Soul has been needing an outlet, but you have been to afraid to listen.

I am looking forward to this magical unfolding. I stand in awe and gratitude of the workings of the Universe. Thank YOU all for supporting this page. May we all Rise Together...more LOVE, more Happiness, more Abundance of all good things.



AUTHENTICITY: This magic power that we each have inside of us, and when ignited, opens the doors to an abundance of Opportunities,Freedom, Magic and LOVE...that we never imagined possible.

Be Yourself. It is what we hear all the time and it sounds like such easy and simple advise. Usually the simple nuggets of wisdom hold the most Power.

Be Yourself.

Before I move forward, I think it is a good time to recognize that everyone is on their own path, has their own unique experiences, has their own gifts that they offer and have their own lessons that their Soul is here to learn. Everyone is here to grow, evolve and experience life.

This awareness creates a space for more acceptance and less judgement of self and others.

I wanted to acknowledge that because the simple act of Being Yourself is met with resistance sometimes. It actually can be hard to do, which is why it is encouraged so much. The resistance comes from the FEAR of other people's judgement. And judgement can stop you right in your tracks, from doing, creating and being what it is that you are and what is possible for YOU.

Being yourself can create a bit of a tug of war between Head and Heart. Your head listens to the judgement and wants to create action that keeps you safe. Your heart listens to the Universal Knowing and wants to create action that expands your world into places that you never thought possible.

Being Yourself requires you to go inward. To listen to the quiet nudges from your Soul. It requires you to be in a state of creation... of find your own TRUTH. By finding your own Truth and being able to Listen more from your begin to align with the possibilities of what you and your life can be. You begin to open to more LOVE and Purpose. It creates a certain Freedom in your life.

Listening to the quiet nudges from your Soul....tapping into the well of knowledge that resides in you is hard...because it is quiet and it requires an immense amount of TRUST. Trusting that things will work out beautifully, and that what your mind deems as impossible, is actually possible. It is also difficult because the noise of the outside world is so much LOUDER. It tells you that "you are Crazy", and that "No one does that", "that's not how things work", "You will fail", "you are so flighty"...did I say "You are crazy"?

And your mind may you begin to believe it. So you side with the Mind and not the Heart. Because the unknown is scary. And the judgement is heavy. And they might be right.

But your Heart Knows.

Be Yourself.

The journey towards living the courageous act of Being Yourself may lead you down a path that seems unusual or against society, industry, family "norm".....and this is why Being Yourself can be so FREEing yet so full of fear. The call to Being Yourself and living authentically puts you in this place of the unknown. Following standards and doing what has already been done, well- that is safe. You know how it will feel, you can see how it works and what work you need to do. You know that it is socially acceptable and that it does not come with a lot of judgement, and if it does, you know what it is, so you can deal with it. The Known is Safe.

The Unknown is scary...because you do not know how it will feel, how it will turn out, what people will think, how they will react, how to do it, how well it will do, fear of failure, fear of failure, fear of failure. And this is just the beginning of web that the mind can begin to spin.

But the magic, the Real Magic is in the Unknown. This is where infinite possibilities live. It is in this place that the Truth of who You Are and what you are capable of achieving resides. The Unknown is the birth of creation and your co-creation with the Universe. It will open doors and show you what LIFE can actually offer YOU.

But you have to TRUST.

Your Heart Knows.

Be Yourself.

Authenticity means showing up as you are in this moment. Authenticity is the courageous act of being who you are......the magic, the mess, the curiosity, the knowing, the unknowing, the fear, the courage, the wanting for more, the gratefulness of what you have......It's showing up in the fullest expression of your Life. Of your story. Of YOU..... in this very MOMENT.

Authenticity allows you to offer what you have to give, heal what you need to heal, explore what you want to experience, and release what you want to Let Go of. It offers you the Freedom to Grow into the places that feeds your very Being. It shows you the awe and wonder of this world. It gifts you peace, love, laughter....FREEDOM.

And it does require huge amounts of vulnerability and a tough skin. You can't let the pressures of the outside world infect the cravings of your HEART.

Be Vulnerable.


Because the Heart speaks in quiet whispers but holds the Power that makes up Universes.

The Heart is clear in communication and in it's desire. It always will answer your questions and provide feelings of certainty and knowing. By Being Yourself, you live more from you Heart. More from LOVE. More from Clarity and Certainty.

And when you choose to Be Yourself, you inspire others to do the same.....and this ripple effect of Truth and Love, Confidence and Courage, Creativity and Evolution begins to move through the matrix that holds is all together....and we all Begin To Rise.

Be Your Authentic Self.

It is the Greatest Gift you can Offer this World.


If this has inspired you and you want to dive deeper, here are a few home practices you can do. Feel free to contact me as well at 303.204.9763 for a One on One session.

1. Meditate.

Meditation can be as simple as carving out a few moments to close your eyes and focus on your heart. Meditation can come in many forms and you may want to explore different types of meditation. It is a practice, and it will evolve the more you do it, but I have found that it is the best way to tap into the heart, to feel the peace and to listen to it's gentle nudges. Meditation can quiet the chatter of the Mind and increase your alignment to Your Spirit, Your Self...Your Truth.

(The gifts that meditation has offered me in my own life has been abundant. It has eased my anxiety, I am way less judgmental of self and others, increased self love and acceptance of self and others. It has created space for clarity, peace and ease.)

2. Dream Play.

Write out your Dreams. If you could have, be, create, experience anything in your life....what would that be? Tapping into what truly lights you up inside is a great step to aligning with your desires and the power of what is possible for you to create in your own Life. You will know if you are on track if what it is that you want to experience will create a Passion and Purpose for you and for others. Be playful and do not limit your ideas or desires. Follow the flow, stay curious and Have FUN.

3. Do something this week "out of the box". That thing that you have been wanting to do but can't find the time, don't have the energy, or are scared to do it- DO IT. Do something this week that brings you a little excitement, joy, laughter.

Create Space to CREATE....whether it's space to dive into that book, write that letter to someone, see that movie, create that dance......Follow the nudge of your heart.

And I would LOVE to hear about you have done and how it made you feel!


​​Julie Nguyen

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