What is a Life Coach?

A Life Coach is simply someone who can hold space for you as you navigate through your own life experiences, truly taking the reigns in Co-Creating your Life. A Life Coach helps you to map out your dream life and goals, offering support as you take action steps in achieving them. And...it is more than just goal-setting. I think goal-setting is AMAZING...but the biggest growth that I gained from working with a Life Coach was an awareness of my own limiting belief systems that I had and how they were truly holding me back from achieving what I wanted. I was able to identify fears and actually see if they were true or not. This then gave me the power to change the belief; to deepen my own exploration of self and possibilities.

I also gained a lot of momentum just by carving out time to take an aerial view of my life. To see where I am and where I want to go. To see what parts of my Soul were being nourished, and which aspects needed a little TLC.

We all have our "Master within." It is this part of us that provides the answers to our questions. A Life Coach helps you to break down any interference that is on your path, prohibiting you from hearing the whispers of the Master. A Life Coach helps you to go inward so that greater creativity and possibilities can come forth.

A Life Coach meets you where you are NOW....and helps empower you to create the path to your future.

It is important to know that a Life Coach is not a counselor and rarely will review the past. A Life Coach will not give you advice. A Life Coach will simply hold space for you to CREATE what is the best for YOU.

A Life Coach will Guide you towards Greatness!

I believe in Energy and the Infinite Possibilities that can be created from harnessing your energy correctly. It is important to be able to identify what is draining your energy, both physically and emotionally, and understand what is fueling your energy. This understanding helps spark an awareness that will help you create goals, increasing your creativity and positive workflow... it is a fast-track to your Dreams.

I can say that my personal time spent with a Life Coach expanded my scope of possibilities and unleashed the desires of my spirit in a way that actually seemed possible! And I am proud to be proof that the "work" works. Everything that I dreamt of actually came to fruition in my life.

With my experience as a previous studio owner, I am passionate about holding space for others in the field to truly create their Dream Life. We all have this unified passion for dance and we see how it benefits children in a BIG WAY. We teach what we love and we want to do what Soulfully fulfills us...which usually happens in the classroom. We love to inspire and to create. We love what it feels like in our body...the joy it brings. We love seeing a student grow, progress, step into their greatness. This list can go on and on, and in the end, the bottom line is that we LOVE our career. We love Dance.

The question is, are you running your business or is your business running you?

Are you living your dream life, or are you sacrificing parts of yourself or family for the demands of others? Do you feel stuck in the cycle of the season? Do you feel in balance between your personal life and your business life?

There is always room for expanded living. There is always room for more Fun, Creativity and Adventure. A Life Coach can help you increase the overall energy of self, your business, your creativity, your LIFE.

And this is what I am passionate about. Helping others achieve their Greatness. Helping others feel Alive, Abundant and nudging the to taking the next step of living their dream life.....all through Dance and Movement.

If you are interested in coaching or would like more information...leave a comment below!

I promise it can shift your life in a dramatic way!

To set up your coaching session, email me at julie@energeticmovementcollective.com. I look forward to connecting with you!

Sending Much LOVE and thank you for reading!


*The intention of this Blog Series: To provide inspiration, support, tips and tools to Dance Studio Owners, Dancers, Dance Moms, and all Lovers of Dance and Movement. It is also for anyone who is on their Spiritual Journey needing whispers of encouragement. The intention is to empower anyone who reads this and is wanting to align deeper to their own Personal Purpose and Possibilities.

*My writing style: My writing will be from the heart. It will be a representation of where I am in my life and of what I am learning, healing, practicing...etc. I LOVE writing in cursive and have a difficult time printing. I love it because I love the freedom, fluidity, artistry and creativity that cursive provides with the stroke of a pen. Since this Blog Series will be published for the internet, I have to type...but will find my own Creative Freedom in that. Some words will be uppercase for no other reason than I like the look of it. There may be run on sentences because that is the flow of my heart and mind in the process. My writing, just like my life, will be an evolution and will grow into it's Greatness with Practice and Patience.

This all is an offering. A personal offering of myself, my heart, my mind, my experiences to you the reader...that through my vulnerability of sharing on such a platform, it will encourage others to follow their heart. Hopefully it will spark within YOU....To try something new. To do it at the risk of being wrong or failing. To do something because of the Joy it brings you. To say YES to creating, doing, exploring....because your Soul has been needing an outlet, but you have been to afraid to listen.

I am looking forward to this magical unfolding. I stand in awe and gratitude of the workings of the Universe. Thank YOU all for supporting this page. May we all Rise Together...more LOVE, more Happiness, more Abundance of all good things.




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