Mind, Body Spirit...what Dance Training is missing.

We can agree that dance is a beautiful fusion of Mind, Body and Spirit. In this single act we can connect to our inner self, providing space for our spirit to speak. To authentically meet the space. To explore. Expand. Heal. Show Up. Radiate. Be in the world without the chaos and the confusion. Most of us fall in love with dance from the moment we experience it. In its most primitive state, it speaks to us. It is a language all on its own. And the message that it brings is the message of purity. The sweetness of the human experience. Where love can be digested through every essence of your being and pain can be expressed in a way that for a moment, it makes sense, or at the very least, brings momentary relief. PEACE.

Dance can make you feel Empowered, Free, Confident...ALIVE. Dance brings you into your body. It brings you back to your vessel and pulls you from the chaos of the outside world. It opens you up to listen to your body. To your spirit. To what you need, what you need to heal, what needs nourishing, what brings happiness and where pain lies.

Dance will always show up, mirroring back to the truth of who you are.

It allows you to simmer in the Divine Sweetness of Life.

Dance is all of this and more.......

And through the Yin and Yang of Dance, dance can also destroy your spirit. It can cause mental anguish, constantly feeding you the following thoughts:

"You are not good enough"

"You're not technical enough"

"You are not skinny enough"

"You will never make it"

This constant negative chatter of the mind. This constant lie that is being fed. Stories of not being ENOUGH.

And in higher levels of dance, I believe it's even amplified because now you have added pressure and ego into the mix which creates a rather complicated dance between Spirit and Ego.

So which one wins?

The one you Feed....but from personal experience, the Ego is easiest to feed.

The ego wants the validation of being the best. It needs the social media likes, validation...and whatever else there is to gain. And the Ego will inflate, constantly looking to satisfy its need for "dance world domination." (insert loud villain laughter)

....and the Spirit begins to shrink.

The Spirit feels silenced by the overwhelming push to be the "best". And it can not flow easily between the lines of "right", "wrong", "better than..." "not that good", "good enough", "we have to win"...etc.

There also a struggle between competing for the sweet feelings of Victory and Accomplishment versus winning out of fear of defeat. Two drastically different intentions, emotions and side effects.

But the dance continues to bring us back...because we innately crave the Honesty, the Truth, the Experience....the Freedom that dance brings.

We know what dance brings to the Spirit. We train so that our body can clearly communicate and accurately tell the story of the Soul...but what do we do for the Mind?

Mind. Body. Spirit.

Mental training is so important and is missing in the overall structure of the Dance World, especially on the competitive side.

Mental training is about introducing the tools and space for personal exploration, to listen to story that the Mind is telling and to question if it is true or not. In this questioning, there lies the opportunity for personal power and growth. A dancer needs to be guided on how to listen to the mind and decipher between the fairytales and truth. A dancer needs to be given space to explore, to experiment, to push personal boundaries, free of judgment, ridicule and fear.

Mental training provides tools for dancers so that they learn how to create goals, understand their body and identify any triggers that will interfere with their desired success. Mental training offers tools on how to calm the mind and body to overcome anxiety and competitive pressures while increasing personal and artistic performance levels, enhancing the bodies ability to technically and clearly tell its story.

Mental training is about supporting dancers and helping them shift from "not good enough"...to feeling truly confident about where they are and empowering them to visualize themselves on where they want to be. It increases self love, happiness and freedom in movement.

Having a strong Mental Training Program is essential not only for the overall success of a dancer, but if put into motion correctly, can influence at a deeper level of the culture of the dance studio itself.

The Energetic Movement Collective is proud to offer Coaching for Dancers. Coaching sessions provide space for the Dancer to investigate the stories that their mind is telling them, while helping them carve out a positive path for success. Coaching offers tools to help enhance mental awareness around Performance, Mind/Body Connection and teaches intentional goal-setting and visualization techniques. All designed to help Guide the Dancer towards (continued) GREATNESS.

To set up your coaching session, email me at julie@energeticmovementcollective.com. I look forward to connecting with you!

If this resonates, please leave a comment below! Would love to hear from you!

Much LOVE,



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