Why every Dance Studio Owner needs to know their "WHY".

Dance Studio owners and teachers all have one thing in common; a passion for dance. We teach because we believe in the healing powers of dance. We also believe in the potential of people.

We know that dance is a great teaching tool that not only connects us to others but allows us to connect deeper into ourselves. Dance allows us to tap into the source of Joy, Creativity, and Wholeness that resides within. Through movement, we learn how to lean into the subtle whispers of the Spirit, creating space for vulnerability, acceptance, and support.

Studio Owners have created a space that, through dance, allows others to explore who they are, individually and in a team. They have created a space for people to thrive, to feel, to evolve. They provide others an opportunity for self-expression and creativity. The dance studio fosters love, happiness, and community.

Dance is a Love Language, a Bridge Builder, a link between hearts. It is fun and playful; disciplined and focused; It is exploratory, subjective, honest and free. Dance lights us up inside, fills us with immense passion and continuously guides us through our own journey of self-discovery. And for most of us, this is the real reason why we have fallen in love with dance and have decided to share it with others; because we ourselves have experienced it's great power and have received the gifts that it offers to the human spirit. Dance has now been woven into the fabric of our being and we have the great responsibility to gift it to others.

Sharing the Gift of Dance in Asia

Passion: a strong and barely controllable emotion.

A passionate studio owner/teacher wants each dancer, no matter what age, to feel the liberating effects of dance and movement.

We know our passion. It is what keeps us doing what we do even when things get complicated. The competitive season is long, the "to do" list is never ending and we constantly dance between the Spirit and the Ego of ourselves.

Spirit shows up with the truth and holds reminders to why we do what we do; our Passion and Purpose. Ego reminds us that we need to work to become successful, feel validated by the industry leaders or convention teachers, impress the judges, be the best, win the most, train the hardest and the longest, etc.

The space between the Spirit and the Ego resides our Purpose.

"If we want to feel an undying passion for our work, if we want to feel we are contributing to something bigger than ourselves, we all need to know our WHY"- Simon Sinek

Know your PURPOSE.

By becoming crystal clear about your Purpose, you build your foundation upon which everything else can successfully flourish. All of your decisions, action steps, studio policies, reactions to clients, staff and students, will all stem from your purpose; your "Why".

Why do you do what you do? Why did you open your studio? Why do you teach?

The very thing that separates you from every other studio is YOU; your passions, your vision and your PURPOSE.

People innately are searching for community, for a place to belong. It is what makes us human. As a dance studio owner, you get to create a space in which supports community, growth, and love; AND since like attracts like (the Law of Attraction) you will attract clients and dancers who align with your overall vision and purpose. The most sustainable, innovative and successful dance programs are those that are driven by a strong cause and belief.

Knowing your purpose will also keep you grounded in situations that are hard such as dealing with an unhappy client or having a student quit. When everything that you do is done from the root of your Purpose and is driven by your Passion, you will be able to approach hard situations with a greater sense of empathy, compassion and personal strength.

Knowing your purpose will bring you back to your center when the Ego begins to take center stage. When you feel the pressures of needing to win more competitions or bring in more guest choreographers...or whatever the pressure is that you face every day, your Purpose will guide you back to the truth behind what you do...and WHY.

So I ask you, what is your PURPOSE? What are the unique gifts that you add to other peoples lives? What do you believe in? Why do you do what you do? Why did you create what you created? Why do you make the decisions that you do? What is the most important gain in all of this...what's the real dance about?

Inner Work Play:

In your journal, allow yourself time to define your Why (your Purpose).

1. Why did you open your Dance Studio?

or Why did you decide to teach dance?

2. What is your Vision for your studio (or classroom)? What do you want others to gain from being in your space (or classroom)?

3. How do you deliver your vision to others? How do you show up in the space daily?

4. What is your "Why"?

Why do you do what you do? What do you believe in?

*Remember to be as creative, expanded and descriptive as possible when you are writing. Tap into and pay attention to the feelings that may come up. Have fun, honor yourself and then place your WHY in a location that you can see every single day.

For more guidance, feel free to contact me at julie@energeticmovementcollective.com.

Sending you so much Love,

Julie Nguyen

The most sustainable, innovative and successful dance programs are those that are driven by a strong cause and belief. Know your WHY.


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