Wisdom Comes Dancing

Dance is constantly revealing new levels of spirit to me. Dance is always calling me to a deeper level of self-reflection and nudging me to investigate the dance of my own Soul; I can't seem to let it get away from me.

Recently, I have been curious about women in leadership. Diving into the depths of how we show up for each other, how we SHOULD show up for each other and the power that we possess to shape the world in a way that ignites deep connection, creativity and compassion helps bring clarity to the way we create our businesses, validate our self-worth and impact the lives of others.

Create a Space for others to feel empowered

In my own exploration for more clarity, I came across this poem by Ruth St. Denis, which speaks to my SOUL and is a great declaration of what we as women entrepeneurs should feel. We are the creators of change, of support, of establishing our power within an industry that is run by women and dominated by men.

The Voice of Woman

I may be the Third-though indeed there may be others,

Deeper, greater, that are not yet known to the world.

I may be she who was to come

In this time.

It may be that, in my Mother's womb of love

I was endowed in my hidden spirit

With powers and principles,

With qualities that I am only now becoming aware of.

There was a woman from Russia

Who had a vision and a purpose to reveal and revive

The ageless Wisdom-

Then there was a woman with the lamp,

From our Eastern states.

She wrote her Word and preached-

And begot a church which still grows and expands.

Then there is she who dances.

Behold indeed, "Wisdom comes dancing."

Have we not had enough of minds of men?

The logical disputations and the sects arising from them?

Have we not had enough of the indifference

In the scriptures, to the life and need and wisdom of women?

They too were born and lived and inquired.

They too were found often in prayer and in the house of the Lord

Which they serve without reward of authority

Or a voice!

Too long has the Voice of Woman

Been silent.

Too long have the men alone sat upon the throne

Of the law---and spoken for all!

Now shall come---the voice of Woman---

And the child shall speak

And then the artist shall sit in the chair of vision and creation.

And her voice shall be heard

Over the raucous voice of the demagogue.

Why always the Man Prophet?

Does not the woman in the quiet hours of the night

Beside the bed of love and life,

Of pain and death--does she not often

Hear the still small voice of Wisdom, of Courage, of Joy?

In the midst of darkness--is this not also the word of

Prophecy and praise?

These, the forerunners to the right ministry of beauty,

Have done and are doing their great task:

To leaven the seething of the world.

Verily, there is fighting in us also.

There is a planning and a vision and a fighting

For a just cause.

But with different ammunition and with different weapons

And a different battleground:

The battleground of the soul--where our own fears,

And the fears of our sisters over the earth, are vanquished

By the sword of the spirit wielded in prayer

Destroying our heart's enemies.

Truly we battle also---but in the soul---for victory

That our child may live, our husbands see clear again

And our own courage remain.

But these victories are not told

In great sonorous words.

They are not made into a great book.

Nor has her will been imposed upon the generations---

Rather she has been imposed upon.

Slowly she is rising to speak before the nations--

Before the parliaments--

Before the churches--

Before the world!

Her age is arriving---swiflty--powerfully!

The Age of Woman---Now--in the midst of the chaos

Of Godless worlds.

The Woman's Soul, breathing through the arts--

In the mercy tasks,

In the self-devotion--but not yet allowed

The Voice--The Plan--the Authority--before the world.

The New Scriptures,

The Women's Scriptures

Shall be written!

For the unborn--crying to them in the dark--

To awaken them from the dream of Man's will and ways and defeats!

December 28, 1946

Ruth St. Denis

Wisdom Comes Dancing


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