"Working with Julie has been a huge release, I am so thankful for the relationship I have formed with her.  Running a studio is hard.  Balancing all the hats a studio owner wears is draining.  The simple meditation practices I've received from Julie have already done so many things, and I feel like I'm just scratching the surface.  I use her meditations for myself and for my dancers.  We have been able to find our breath and our passion for dance during those moments of stress and burnout.  As a teacher and studio owner, I have found new ways to motivate my staff and keep my dancers inspired.  With Julie's background as a teacher, studio director and choreographer, she can relate to every single situation I find myself faced with.  She has fresh perspective that always comes from a place of LOVE.  I am more excited to go to work, and I am finding a beautiful balance in my work and personal life.  I can't say enough good things about her and her mission. "

- Tara Cluck, Tara Cluck Dance Studio

"I cannot tell you how much I appreciated the time Horizon Poms spent with Julie.  This past December, Julie worked with us to help clean our competition jazz routine before the CHSAA State Spirit Competition.  It was an incredibly helpful, positive, and constructive week with her.  In a short time, Julie's extensive knowledge of dance and jazz technique helped us to significantly improve our ability, technique, and confidence in the routine.   She was able to critique and perfect details I had often overlooked - from their posture, to their gaze, to clean angles and lines.  She offered improvements in choreography and skills that helped the team look and feel successful on the competition floor.  I was very impressed with how thoughtful and intentional her feedback was, and my dancers responded quite positively, as we felt more prepared going into State than any other competition this year.


What was most impressive and beneficial to us (beyond her much proven and positive coaching and teaching skills) – was Julie's extraordinary ability to genuinely connect with our team.  For so long, we were missing the emotional/ storytelling component of our jazz routine, and in such a short time, Julie created place of trust, confidence, and positivity in the girls which inspired them to connect with themselves and with each other as a team.  She gave individuals several tools to be reflective and intentional in their own dance ability and experiences, and as a team, very specific goals to accomplish that week in order to develop our confidence as a team, get us to connect with our audience, and push us into the next level of success. Not only did we commit to these goals that week, but in my own coaching, I have tried to continue to implement a lot of Julie's practices well after competition season.  As a result, I have seen tremendous growth in trust and accountability on the part of the team, and that has made everyone's experience on poms this year such a positive one.  Julie absolutely helped us move from a place of uncertainty to much increased confidence in each other and, also, in ourselves.  It was such a positive, inspiring, and constructive week with Julie - we SO look forward to working with her again in the future!" 

-Kim Kubsch- Horizon Highschool Dance Team

"Julie is successful in coaching people because she is completely genuine and honest in everything she does. I first met Julie when I was 14 years old. Very early on in our relationship, I began to trust her. It's hard to put into words, but it felt like she understood me. She's very intuitive and was able to see things within me I couldn't see myself. Specifically, with dance, she taught me to embrace my artistry and to be confident in it rather than hide in the back corner of the studio. Now many years later, I have stopped dancing to pursue other passions, but my relationship with Julie is stronger than ever. She never fails to make me feel better and point me in the right direction.

Julie will shed light on the parts of your life that you have become dark. She'll help you understand why you are where you are and show you how to get to where you want to be." 

-Faye Kim, Dancer

"Julie is great!  She is a wealth of experience as a dancer, teach and studio owner.  Julie is generous in sharing her knowledge and always willing to give me a fresh perspective to a problem I may be facing. She understands fully the heartache and joys of owning a studio and nurturing young dancers.  Over the years we have had many conversations about finding balance and the price of winning. I always love to come to her with new ideas and after bouncing them around with her she asks me the right questions to dig down to set the intention for that idea. I love my time with Julie. She is an authentic passionate creative person that I am blessed to call my friend!"

- Jennissa Voorhees, The Studio School

"Julie's knowledge of the dance industry is profound! Topped with her positive energy and ability to find creative and holistic solutions to challenges that dancers, parents, teachers, and studio owners face on a daily basis-she is THE resource I go to when I need advice!"

-Tiana Buschmann, Elevation Dance Studio

"Julie utilizes her intuitive nature to nurture the potential she finds within her students, friends and peers. I have been lucky enough to have Julie as a mentor and friend for a few years now, and can attribute many realizations and progressions in my own life to her assistance. Julie creates an atmosphere of love and vulnerability that allows those around her to access their best selves. When I leave an interaction with Julie, I have a greater curiosity for the world and more love in my being."

 -Chris Daniels, Dancer

"Julie's words of wisdom and life coaching for dancers has made a tremendous impact on my daughter as she discovers who she is as a person who desires to share her dance with the world. I highly recommend Energetic Movement Collective!"

- Darcie Palmer, Dance Mom


​​Julie Nguyen

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